HowTo import large files in vTiger

We did some testing with vTiger crm and have found a configuration that makes it possible to  import large files. Wie used a suse linunx machine with vtiger 5.2.1
These are the settings we used:

1) in

memory_limit  =  2048 MB
$upload_maxsize = 100000000

2) in php.ini

max_execution_time  = 600 seconds
max_input_time  = 600 seconds

3) in modules/import/importstep2.php

$_SESSION[‚recordcount‘] = 250

(This imports the files in sets of 250 records, makes a http redirect and loads the next set. You have a kind of progress bar here.)

4) in modules/import/importsave.php


With those settings we where able to import 135.000 records with a filesize of 75 MB. With memory_limit  =  512 MB the maximal number of records was 50.000.